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Last Updated : 21-Oct-2023

1. General Provisions

ezFancy operates as a print-on-demand service, meaning each product is individually crafted upon order. This uniqueness in our business model means that we do not support returns or exchanges based on incorrect size, color choices, or change of mind.

2. Damages and Manufacturing Errors

Should you receive a product with damages or a manufacturing defect, we are committed to offering a free replacement or a refund, provided you reach out to us within 20 days of product delivery. It is essential to furnish us with clear photographic evidence of the issue using the “Submit issue” form.

3. Accountability and Quality

ezFancy does not handle the actual printing and holds no inventory. The quality of the production is influenced by the selected Provider. Each Provider maintains distinct standards and procedures. It is the user’s responsibility to conduct due diligence when choosing a Provider and ensuring that the content aligns with print quality guidelines. However, if there’s a discrepancy with your order, follow the resolution process detailed below.

4. Conflict Resolution

ezFancy’s dedicated Support team will oversee any conflicts or disputes with our Providers. Any concerns must be directed to ezFancy Support within 20 days of product delivery, and under no circumstances should the Print Providers be contacted directly. Failure to adhere to this might result in account suspension at ezFancy’s discretion. To facilitate a swift resolution, provide comprehensive details about the order, the nature of the issue, and the number of products affected.

5. Specific Order Issues

For problems affecting multiple products with the same design, a photo (or video) capturing all affected items is necessary. Please understand that minor variations in print placement within 0.5″ will not qualify as defects.

6. Cancellations and Refunds

Post-order placement, we cannot assure the feasibility of full or partial refunds for cancellations. On receiving a cancellation request, the refund eligibility will be determined by the stage of order fulfillment.

7. Production and Delivery

Estimated production times on our website are average predictions and are not guaranteed. If there’s an unusual delay, please notify our Support team. Lost shipments will be assessed and may qualify for replacements.

8. Refunds and Reprints

If our Support team, upon investigation, ascertains a product fault, we may either replace or refund the item, subject to our discretion. Refunds will be credited to your ezFancy balance. No refunds will be issued for items in transit, except if deemed lost by our team.

9. Delivery Responsibilities

The customer must ensure that the specified delivery address for every order is accurate. If a delivery is hampered due to address inaccuracies, the associated costs will be borne by the customer.

10. Delivery Delays and Losses

If an order remains undelivered for 30 days (domestic US or regional EU) or 45 days (international), merchants should alert ezFancy Support within a week to be eligible for potential solutions. If tracking indicates a delivered status, but the customer reports otherwise, ezFancy retains the right to decline a free reprint or refund after individual evaluation. Any delays attributed to shipping carriers are beyond our control, and we assume no liability for such delays.

11. Exclusions

ezFancy reserves the right to reject refund or reprint requests based on artwork discrepancies, product limitations, or not adhering to design guidelines, among others. Each case will be examined individually.

Thank you for choosing ezFancy. We aim to provide impeccable service, and your understanding of our policies ensures a harmonious transaction.

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